Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jennifer's video project

Jennifer Johannesen has launched her video project. A few weeks ago she featured anthropologist and disability rights expert/advocate Dr. Bill Peace. This week, I am being featured on her blog site, but she has now made the entire project site available. It is a work in progress with high hopes. Jennifer is just the right person to pull this off. Expect more and insightful material as the weeks and months go by. I hope someone will interview Jennifer herself! (hint, hint...)

Jennifer's blog: HERE

The project: The Conversation Library


  1. It was so wonderful to see your face, hear your strong voice and your powerful words -- what a great project! Years ago, when I first began working on projects to improve the lives of children with special healthcare needs, I stressed the importance of mentoring, but I was always told that "it's complicated," or "privacy laws prohibit it," etc. I can't even imagine what my life might have been like in those early years if someone "like me" yet older had been there to witness my experience and truly understand it.

  2. Between issues you touch on in the video, and some of what you've brought up in recent posts, there are so many topics that are important to discuss, I don't know where to begin. To Elizabeth's point, there were in fact parent-to-parent support networks fifteen or twenty years ago, at least in Northern California, but the internet has obviously changed both the range and intimacy of how parents connect, though I can still remember in great detail some of those first early phone calls with other mothers I'd never met, hearing
    their voices tremble, hearing them say things that can't be said to a stranger or sometimes to family or old friends, knowing we both understood.

    1. I have a hundred posts rolling around in my head. Like you much to discuss! And I can imagine the internet has made huge changes in how people connect. I think it can be harnessed to do much more for us.

  3. Haha Claire you're too funny! Yes, I have some footage I made of myself so I guess I should just post it already.

    Just wanted to add a thought:

    The internet is great for connecting people - like me and Claire! It has its limits though. Most of us seek out like-minded people - which is comforting, but often serves to reinforce our own beliefs. I love Claire's comments about mentoring - a mentor would help stretch and push and open possibilities. I see the role less as emotional support and more as a sober second opinion :) Not sure the internet is very good at providing that?

    The videos are more like essays, offering observations and reflections. I'm hoping that as the collection grows, people who are new to whatever experience they are having can access the wisdom of those who have lived it and also have something meaningful to say about it.