Sunday, November 24, 2013

There's snow and there's....SNOW!! totally not-predicted winter storm left the city in chaos digging out for the rest of the day. I walked up to the parkade to find my car had turned into a small snow mountain. Kids could've learned to ski on the damn thing.

You have to understand that the van is already a monster from my 5 foot perspective...but to add three feet of snow to it? Yikes! I had to walk hip deep in the stuff to get to the driver's door...and rock that sucker out of the spot. Thankfully, it was puffy powder. Don't know what I would've done had it been really heavy. It took me 40 minutes as it was.

Of course, there was an old man up there cleaning off his car too...and of course he helped me to get the last of the stuff off the very top of the van with his very large shovel... ;)  At one point, he stopped and remarked...twice...about my "good attitude"; You sure have a good attitude!!

Yes...because, next week I will be happily ensconced in underground parking. :)

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  1. I rather like the thought of Sophie, well wrapped in blankets, out on that new balcony (shades of The Magic Mountain) breathing in the fresh snowy air and watching the flakes drifting down. (While the van stays pristine in the garage.)