Sunday, November 24, 2013

Papassans and snow!

So, in the new place, my gal is going to have her own room...for the first time since her stroke over 13 years ago! She has been in the living room of our various places of residence, for a lot of good reasons...and I have been sleeping beside her. But she is much more stable now and she doesn't need as much constant supervision so I am putting her into the master bedroom with all her stuff, and a TV...with a nice big sliding door to the balcony.

But, I don't always want her to be going to her bedroom to have breaks from her chair, so I bought her a double papassan from Pier 1. It's AWESOME. She fits into it all cuddly and cozy and best of all, in order to turn her from one side to the other, one simply tilts the chair because it sits on a base (like the one below...only a different colour).

In other news....SNOW!!! Holy cow. Our first snow of the year is a couple of feet deep. Crazy...crazy beautiful. I love the snow.


  1. I'm so glad you're keeping us updated on your marvelous transitions -- the snow is beautiful, but I'd rather look at it than be near it!

  2. The papassan is a great idea---your move is sparking creativity! I miss the long ago years when Miel was small enough that I could keep her out of her wheelchair for much of the time, so she had a great variety of positions, surfaces, visual perspectives, possibilities for movement...